Enea Poci

Senior Project Manager

Enea after finishing education in Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering
and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, has been working over 15 years in
engineering and construction fields involved with several construction projects
from facilities, structural, hospitality and government projects.

Enea holds a strong leadership presence over teams from a multitude of
disciplines with ability to deliver results, implement change and develop innovative
cost-effective solutions. His performance for the past 7 years with Apolon Group
has established a steady relationship with major Real Estate holding groups like
Columbia University, Teachers College, Lifetime Athletic, Amazon. He is an expert
in communication, change management, pre-construction, project planning, risk
management, navigating complexity, and delivering projects
on time and on budget. His vast knowledge in MEP design and methods is an
invaluable asset both on and off the field with Apolon.